No interviews conducted

I had an online interview scheduled with Brillio on 19 June 2021. I downloaded my admit card right away. No further communication took place. I had sincerely prepared and was eagerly awaiting the interview. At the time of interview, nothing happened. No mail, no notification. I stayed online, switching between my mail account and elitmus account for details about the interview. I waited patiently for about an hour. Nothing happened. After that I immediately wrote an email to Elitmus auto-replied saying they would reach out to me in 4 working days. It has been over 16 days, still no reply.
Today I had an interview scheduled with W3villa at 5 PM. The same thing happened. I am ready and waiting, but no links are sent. When I try calling them, their phones have incoming disabled. I am not sure if anyone even reads this. Please look into it immediately.
I was planning on taking another test to improve score, but now I fear whether elitmus is a scam.