No interview calls

I’ve applied in many companies, but I’m not getting calls from any. I don’t understand why! I have decent score and was rejected in the one and only interview I was shortlisted. Can somebody help?

i havent even got one call yet, despite having good elitmus score( i guess) good btech score in 10th 12 th

What is your elitmus score? or percentile?

Total marks - 281.30
Verbal - 97.7 percentile
PS - 88.87 percentile
Quant - 99.77 percentile
What are your scores?

min is verbal 74
ps: 99.58
quant : 99.20


i got
verbal: 90 88.72%
logical : 80 98.95%
quants: -3.80 33.66%

my quants mark is in negative but total marks is 167,
so will i get any call ?
plz reply