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coming 15th oct I am going to attend the pHtest but before that i want to ask u guys that am I going to take right step or not because i had improvement in 12th with only 61% and B.E. degree with only 6.22 pointers…plz help me out …is there companies who accept this criteria

Well it’s tough to say.
The companies only mention that they want good academic scores and that should be atleast 65 or above in all X, XII and B.Tech.
It will be a very rare event that you get a call from a company though.
All the best for the future my friend

You are on the borderline. You may get some calls.
Which grading point system does your college/university/board follows?
To what percent does your B.E marks convert to?

Companies have different criteria-

  • Some want only students from IITs/NITs,
  • Some want 70% overall and
  • for some 55% overall will suffice.

Give it a shot. Try to score at least 85 percentile in all sections of elitmus, then prepare for technical thoroughly. There is not much time left for us (2017 freshers)
All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Only your extraordinary technical skills and 95+ ph score can make you stand out of the crowd. You must work harder. Because you will face competition from students with good academics.

hey everyone ,i got
80.2% in XII,
71.5% in b-tech
and 66.5% in X ,
should i give ph test

Which stream?
You academics are good.
If you are ECE/CSE/IT you should definitely take eLitmus test.

All the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

B-tec in Eee . Should i give the ph test

Prepare well and take the test by end-October or early-November.

A lot of job events may happen through November-December.

Guys…need help…
I just want to know if I go for 2nd attempt of ph test then …will they consider my best score out of 2 or the recent one???

Plz help guys

Also…is it worth to take the re test??
I have 81.33% in 10th
79.00 in 12th
71.62 in btech (CSE)

Verbal- 66%ile
Problem solving- 95%ile
Quant- 73%ile

Thanks for replying

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They will consider best score.
You should get some calls.
Have you applied to any jobs? Your scores looks ok. I have almost same score like you.
(I have not applied to any company yet due to some personal problem, so I don’t know anything about getting calls.)

Yes I am getting the calls but not from all the companies that I am applying

It happens bro.
I have seen people with 80-90 marks throughout academics and also 90+ in elitmus and still they don’t get calls.
Sometimes they just don’t call you on the first time.

Keep applying!