My University/College name is not listed under educational details while registering. What should I do?

We have extensively tried to cover all the engineering colleges and universities across the country. But we understand that we might have missed some colleges/universities or some colleges/universities might have opened recently.Therefore, you may not find these colleges/universities in the list.The three cases pertaining to this scenario are listed below:

  1. University Name is not found in the list: Select ‘Others’ in the drop-down menu for the tab titled ‘University’ and manually enter your college name in the box titled ‘College’

  2. University name is listed but college name is not listed: Select your University from the drop-down list and select ‘Others’ in the tab titled ‘College’. Additionally enter your college name in the box titled ‘Enter your college name’

  3. College/University Name has changed: In case your college/university name has been changed, but our system is still providing the option for the old name, please select the old name of your college/university in the drop down and report the change of college/university name by emailing the same to us at query[at]elitmus[dot]com. We would update the details in our system based on the inputs received.