My chances with these scores

VA score 150 - 99.51 percentile
Problem - 26.30 - 73 percentile
Quant - 140 - 99.98 percentile

What are my chances? Will the low percentile in my problem solving section create a problem?

Same problem with me also…can any one help?

when You gave the test?

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your score is excellent. you will get many calls, it depends on your academic also.
sometime company looking for average student, and i’m sure u are not an average student. :slight_smile:
don’t worry u’ll get enough call from good company

22nd January

You don’t have low percentile in ps, it’s just that you have secured much better in other sections. Companies look for total marks, few see sectional marks or percentile but most companies have cut-off for total marks.
And you have very good score.
Apply to companies and start working on your technical skills.
Good Luck!:blush:

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hello.I have got a question,if they look at total score,then what is a good total score?
I have got
Verbal 120 96.73%
Problem Solving 11.30 53.02%
Quantitative 116.30 99.81%

Is this good?If it is,then why am I not getting calls?I am not to all companies like Accenture,etc,but I am surprised that I have not even received even one call.Also,do other details matter like location,primary skill and location?

same problem

If you already have a job,does that affect your call chances?

EDIT: I must mention here I am talking about job that you have secured through campus placements and not through elitmus.

Same situation here. Verbal -98 quant 96 PS-54.
Did you get calls from any companies?

Nope.Man it is really frustrating.But,if you are from CS,then you might have some luck on your side.Hope for the best!I really don’t know on what criteria are they shortlisting. Atleast,elitmus should make this aspect transparent,something like a cutoff score for each company.

I haven’t got a single call from the companies till date… I don’t know what they are looking for.

Verbal 130- 97.57%ile, problem solving 33.75- 82.28%ile, quant 70- 96.93%ile. 10th- 9.8CGPA, 12th- 87.6%, BE- 69.7%. I belong to EX branch, don’t know programming, what are my chances??

Your score is good except in problem solving so you might miss out companies which need high PS score.surely you will get calls but most of the companies will be IT ,so they also take programming test where you might also from ex branch scored va-98.3,ps=98.4,quant =93 and for most of the companies i got shortlisted to but i aslo dont know programming.

How did you prepare for the technical skills required by the companies you were shortlisted in?? Any suggestions.

Im placed in accenture.

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