My 24th july results

Quantitative : 92.27 %
Problem Solving : 80.23
Verbal : 17.08 :confused: :sweat: :cry:

Any body please help me ,
what are my chances??

What is your total score?

95.1 bro my score

Are u speaking about the results for the exam held on 24th july 2016?? At bangalorr

How do we calculate the total score?
The scores are section-wise right?

Yes am talking abt 24th july Banglr exam.
Score is different from percentile… Thats my percentile i provided… No need to calculate overall percentile. If any body knows please tell me can i Get any interwiew calLs or not

hi plz tell me elitumus e book prepare kavali

last jan i wrritten the exam but low score iam getting plz e books prepare kavali plz gadie me

It would be better to write it again…

no specific book… google every thing about elitmus
first take syllabus and search in google about practice questions .
if you want a book then prefer ‘Arun sharmas’

Have u received any calls …