Mubble Status

what does this mean - No Show 1?? previously it was ATTENDANT

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Same here. I had cleartrip and mubble : in the same coding test. it shows no show in mubble and attended in cleartrip.

same here guys while they mentioned in email that there will be one test for both candidates…

guys we need to report this asap to elitmus else we will miss the dates for the same…and noshow is dangerous too.


Did everyone recieve the email from eLitmus regarding the absence for Mubble test?

ya i got

Me too

monika did u contact elitmus on this

yeah, i got too.

No, I haven’t.

I think you must… I did mail them.

Any reply from elitmus on this matter?

Anyone who got a call from Mubble can tell me their pH score ??

I have got call for 2nd round on 2 Nov.

I mailed them…dis became general issue, coz everyone was facing issue regarding the status of the MUBBLE in their dashboard.Now my status has changed to CALLED FOR INTERVIEW,2nd NOV.But the status of CLEARTIP is still ATTENDANT instead of NOT SELECTED or CALLED FOR INTERVIEW.

rohit, can you tell how many questions did you solve?

Yeah i also got mail from mubble network
Do anyone have any idea about their interview process??

how many questions did u solve monika

what were the questions asked for mubble exclusive candidates