MountBlue Drive

Is there anyone who has completed Mountblue online coding test and waiting for result or has got interview call?
Waiting for responses please.

i have coding test 7-Aug ,are you cleared the test if u clear tell me the pattern and example of questions

Please let me know , what is the pattern of coding test?? 7 August is my online test. Thank youin advance.

Questions are pretty simple. Standard programming questions.

You’re done with your coding test? If yes then when is your interview?

Give some. examples

will you share with me some programming questions, which might be come in test…,it will helpfull for me,

Hi Sneha,
Here are some sample coding questions. You can expect similar questions.
CodeChef | Candy Love
CodeChef | Football Match

The questions might be lengthy but they are not tough. You just need to read it multiple times and understand the output.
All the best.

All the best for those who are writing their online test today.

@wali_3319673 you’re done with the test is it?

I had appeared for the test in January and cleared it. But could not attend the 2nd coding round as I had 2 interviews on the same day.

So… how had you done? You got both the programs correct?
I completed the coding on 14th july but haven’t got the result so far.

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One of my programs had passed all test cases and another one was partially correct. I got the call for further rounds within a week.

They might call you again in future drives. They claim to have no blocking period and will give you more chances in future drives.

Hoping for it.

Is there any location choice for the interview

For second round? I think location is bangalore only.

You cleared coding test?

How did you do the coding test @gaddalae_3257960 @sneha_3506123 ?


Did anyone get result

My exam was good…, I wish result will be positive…and thank you @bharath_3339339 & @wali_3319673

I got test cases but did not get hidden test cases,is there chance of passing