Mountblue | 2018/17/16

Does Someone has any idea about questions to be asked in mountblue first round of coding test?

Please search the forum and you will see many result.

Thank you. wali_3319673

Can anyone tell me what they ask in Take Home test?

Nothing much bro…just simple those 10th board question they are done on hackerrank so you can practice some from there.

which platform they use for coding test?

are u talking about aptitude or coding?

Bro home online exam is coding , if it something else they will specify

Oh… So you finished is it? Congratulations.
I didn’t find it as easy as you told… And I could solve only one.

Which platform they used for home based coding?

Whatever you are comfortable with…I used java

When I gave it was some factors finding problem and another was to check for prime number…you took the exam on hackerrank?

After home test what are the further rounds?
you got selected in all??

There will be two more rounds of same type with increased difficulty.

Did anyone get any mail regarding the online test to be conducted at 7 p.m today?

no i did not get any mail …
did anyone get ?

i have not any link by mountblue

1 and 2nd round questions were easy tough but in interview round they will give questions from 2d matrix which was not easy as it seems.Practice all 2d matrix questions from geeksforgeeks before going to technical interview round.

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did they mention the way to implement to write code in interview or you can solve in your own way??for example they will say to solve using pointer or you can do in your own way??