Mount blue interview call

any body got mount blue technology interview call .and have any idea what kind of questions will
they ask

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Yeah, the first round is hacker rank coding round.Here is the sample test link:
Next round is on 28th April so can’t say anything about that.

How to give Online coding test of Mount Blue…as I have my coding test of Mount Blue on 30 th april…Plz help me …I m in a deep trouble.

Is the online coding test based on web cam invigilation.Plz help me out.

I got a link to my registered email from hackerrank and also from mountblue…
you should check your spam.

bro i got the mail from mountblue but not from hackerrank do you plzz mention the time when you got mail

Yes, you will be monitored during the entire duration of the test.

They will send you login credentials. The test will be hosted on HackerRank.
No need to worry.

I still got no mail, though I was shortlisted. What should I do?

I belong to civil branch but I get the cal from mountblue… Can I attend the interview… Is coding round is difficult or easy…

Yes. You can attend first round. No idea about difficulty level still you can give it a shot!
All the best :slight_smile:

I have doubt with mount blue,It is a consultancy. Can any one please tell me

I have applied for MountBlue Technologies Pvt Ltd . I’m shortlisted for this company and I got a message from elitmus. But i didn’t get any mail

Go and check the ellitmus page, they provide the details

any one idea what type of question ask in montblue?

have you got a mail for 2 round of Mountblue?

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what type question ask in first round?

any topic u know? that can i prepare

solve hackerrank sample question for the 1st and 2nd round.

The question same or different in exam given in hacker rank