I have applied for MOTOROLA for 9th Nov (without pH score) coding test , but I have not received any confirmation mail yet though my all acadamics marks are above 80% .Please Inform me whether i have been qualified for the coding round on 9th Nov or not.


If you want to apply through elitmus then you must have good PH score, if you don’t have ph score then elitmus will not forward your request to any company. So, better take a test and then apply for any job.


On 21st elitmus has mailed me ,tat i can apply without pH score( pH score is not mandatory) ,


@shahruk_3203276 Same here. Please reply if you come to know anything about it.


Okkk bro


Is there any1 who is giving the motorola codelitmus test today???


whether you got a call from motorola because earlier on 24 august i also applied for the motorola but i got a message from elitmus that motorola is considering only if you have a ph score that’s why i said that. if you got a call without having ph score then best of luck for your test.


Is there any1 who haz given coding round of motorola on 9th november