Motorola Online Test Pattern

Anybody who has taken Motorola online test ,Please help with the kind of the questions asked

I got a call too from motorola. do we have to report to bangalore on 23rd oct? or is the coding round take from home?

I had taken the test 4 month ago. i don’t know whether they change the pattern or not. But at that time there was 2 coding question you need to write it in java only and some mcq related to DBMS,OS,Programming,APti.

No. First round is a coding test from home. You don’t have to report to bangalore.

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What is your percentile and score ?

Hi @ashish_3141743 I too got a call for motorola banglore for the online test.
Can you please tell how long does it take from the online coding round to the time when motorola actually calls for interview, typically. And where was the coding round conducted , codelitmus (like most of the tests for elitmus candidates) or some other site like hackerrank.


How long does Motorola take to declare the online coding test’s results.?

I have reached bangalore for 22oct round, but i did not get any call or email from moto. The round has also been postponed till 9 Nov.

When did you take the test @sachin_3223626

I had written eLitmus test on 25 sep. After receiving my score , I had applied for Motorola job which had listed for 22 oct. Now it is showing last date 3rd nov and event date 9th nov

@adrita_2921373 the coding round can be taken from home…if shortlisted from this round, u will need to come down to bangalore

Guys when is your online coding test scheduled??

@tadavarthy_3163362 tomorow 5 pm

how to take the motorola code from home challange? will they provide the link in upcoming mails.?

Hii @bhupendra_2975389,
Can you help me by telling that is it necessary to take pH Test, because I got a mail regarding Motorola Hiring that it doesn’t require PH score.


can anyone guide …about credential? are we going to get other credentials for online motorola coding round ? can anyone help?

yes nitin you have to apply for elitmus…because even if u apply they will latter reject you telling that motorola will allow if you have valid elitmus score only(personal experience)…if u have valid score then go ahead nd apply…

they told to give us details of the test before 2pm not received any mail yet

same here …i had also not received any mail from them regarding credentials… they had said that they are going to send it before 2 pm…anyone have any idea?

Even I have not received the credentials…
Has anyone Received it?
Please reply who ever receives it.