Motorola home test 16th October result?


I gave Motorola test on 16th October. On 20th I was asked to fill a form. After filling form I got no email or message. Please tell whether I am selected for the interview or not.

Hi, same here aman. I also got a request to fill a form and then I haven’t heard from them. I tried mailing to regarding the same. There was no reply from him. Does that mean we are not selected. Is there any phone number or any valid email (from which we can expect replys to queries atleast). If a candidate is not selected he/she should be informed about their selection/ rejection… this happens everytime with elitmus that , there is no proper response after initial rounds from the employer. At least, the employer’s should have the courtesy of informing the candidates about their selection. Help Elitmus…!!!

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Thanks for replying.

I have tried emailing but I get automated reply to use adda.elitmus for queries.
I want to know how many questions you were able to solve.

I was able to solve 2 ques completely and 3rd with 2/3 test cases. My status is showing “Confirmed”.
I don’t know what it means. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for best.

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Did u get any masg till now from Moto then??

No not yet.

i had contacted them …they are telling everyday that it will be updated by today…but still no updates…they are telling this since a week…btw if u want thn u can contact on this number +91 7259 1047 94 @aman_3053448 @aishwarya_2572533 @d_m_veerabha_2587089

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I just received a call from them and I got selected for the interview round. Hope you get selected too.

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Bro can u tell me wat r the qstn u got to solve during the coding round

When is ur interview??
I mean date…

hey i have also given motorola coding test on 6 nov n still my status is showing confirmed !!
i was able to solve 2 ques !!
how much time it will take for a interview call if it is going to come!!

I had my face to face interview on 10th Nov.

Hey !!! Hw waz your f2f intrvw??? @aman_3053448

Did any one got result of motorola online test which was held on 23rd oct

Hey how was your face to face interview!!! ?? Wat were d ques dat was asked or topics dey come from? Mine status is also showing confirmed
i had given d coding test on 6th nov?
Also after how many days u got the call for f2f interview? @aman_3053448

Is there any 1 whi is giving coding test on 23rd nov