Motorola Drive - Online exam

WHAT IS graduation and school marks?>

10th 92.36 12th 86.00 grad 66 pune university

Motorola drive is again on 12 August. Did anyone get selected last time on August 4th ?

can out of station students apply for 12th aug drive??

Status changed to Not selected after attending online exam on 4th Aug. Sad…is there anyone who has cleared that round?

Same here bro…:(…what the ■■■■ is happen i dont know…and they mailed us that previous drive is successful and how that was happened i really dont know.

Hi @naveen_2532275 and @vasim_3077088
I wanted to know about the online exam you have appeared. I am shortlisted for the coding round of 12th August. Can you please give some tips for that online exam? I mean what are the type of questions they asked. Awaiting for reply from you both.

hey guys can you please tell us the question asked in the previous coding rounds which were held for Motorola?

@shikher_2630754 Are you able to start the coding test?? I m not able to even start the exam.

What questions in the coding round??? Please reply !!!

What type of questions u faced im the coding round?? Plzzz reply.