Motorola: did anyone get selected last time?


Motorola drive is again on 12 August. Did anyone get selected last time ?


Can we applt without having ph score


I didn’t even get the result of coding test.


Hi bikash,
Can you please share your experiences of the coding round…
What sort of questions were asked?? Were they based on logics…??




No info @bhakti_3093412. I am new to it. If you have any pleaae share.


Good to find you guys getting enthusiastic about Motorola.

I had my interview scheduled with the company in Bangalore, well seated at Bagmane Tech Park with excellent infrastructure. Just like you guys, I too had two rounds (online coding powered by codelitmus and then a face to face in their premises) .I could clear the online coding but flunked at the f2f.
For guys taking codelitmus, don’t get freakedout when you can’t login. Their login portal becomes active in their scheduled timings.

Online coding:
You’ll be confronted with three questions. All three will relate to the problems in general. You can easily extrapolate the questions if you’ve ever been into hackathon or codechef ( I was never :-p) Each problem has to be coded in either of the two oop languages-C++ or Java. Finish the code and the online compiler will tell you the flaws. You will have to satisfy the test cases. Be brisk in scheduling your approach. Or else you’ll find yourself getting black and blue in time shortage.
If your code gets an affirmation, you’ll get a green signal for the F2F interview.

Face to Face interview
Do not fall into a blind perception that a call for f2f guarantees your selection. Trust me, Interview at Motorola Mobility isn’t a cake walk. There , you’ll have to code physically infront of the interviewer (daunting yeah :slight_smile: ) You have to code in either Java or C++. The entire process is just the replica of the preceding step. 3 problems to solve, explained and executed in an hour, badging this drive as one of the greatest yet inspirational nightmares of my life. I could execute and explain only two until I ran out of time.

The entire process was hectic and Motorola requires very nerdy geeks who have knack on all complexities and solving them down to achieve an optimum solution. I was never into many complexities related to time and space, neither was I habitual of working under such extenuating timing constraints. Hence, goes without saying, I was rejected

I wish all the aspiring candidates the very best. Hope you ace out all the rounds. Cheers!


Thanks for this, this was very informative


@kusumakar_3062000 your post was very much informative. I wanted to know few more things… Are the questions related only to develop logic in the take home test?


Yes, Motorola Mobility expects applicants to have a knack on logical thinking.
Their coding round doesn’t contain any of those normal and stereotypical questions related to Triangles or Series. They rather take problems related to day to day scenarios. I suggest you to go through some of those medium level questions on codechef. You’ll get to know the pattern.
Good luck.


Could anyone please share the score who were eligible for coding round?


There was a lot of vagueness in their decision while calling candidates for interview.when I went, I was accompanied by another guy.
While my scores were 98.4 percentile in Quantitative Ability, 96.9 in Verbal Ability and 83.4 in Problem Solving, the other one had somewhat less marks (in 80s)
Perhaps, Motorola Mobility doesn’t take sole pH test scores into consideration, but your precedented academic scores as well.


can you please inform me what type of questions were asked in your coding paper??


Motorola has a great predilection for data structures. Their questions test your basic knowledge and to what extent you find yourself comfortable with programming.
The interviewer had three problems for me, though I could solve one full, and the other one half (that is, I coded, explained the concept and debugged, yet got bogged down by the deadline)

The first problem was taking digits in an array and add 1 to it to get the result.
Input: 789
Output:790 with 7 at index 0 ,9 at index 1 and zero at the last index.
Second problem:
You’re given a pile of plates having different sizes. Arrange them into descending order. You can use your left hand to pick a plate up and your right hand for placing the plate on another pile.

The third problem wasn’t shown as I ran out of time.

Remember, mere procurement of the result is not their only requirement. They expect you to reach to an optimum solution, that curtails the complexities related to time and space.

Hope this helps.
Good luck :bouquet:


After how many days you get to know about your results of coding round


Hi, for the coding round that was held on 16 October.
Did any one received a call for further interview. All I got was a google doc form to submit, thats it. Does that mean, I"m selected for further rounds. Please help. I mailed back to But, there is no reply from him.
Does any one have any idea. Any help is much appreciated.


@kusumakar_3062000 Can you tell me in how many days you get to know about interview results?


Well, I guess elitmus needs to improve upon this. They wont update the status until the company tells them. This can take a day, a week. or months. Even if you call them up, they give a blunt and neutral reply.

I presume you’ve attended the interview, and waiting for your status to get updated. If so, call up the company directly, contact the HR and ask them about your status. They will surely tell you.

I used to do the same.
Good luck.


Do you have HRs number



How long did they take to inform the results of the f2f round ?
Also, do you have any contact of the HR ?