Motorola 20th August coding round

Has anyone got the mail regarding the take-from-home coding round from Motorola taking place on 20th August. Actually I am not able to sign in on codelitmus using elitmus credentials. It says you are not a registered user contact elitmus regarding this. I have already dropped a mail to elitmus but dont know when they will respond. So has anyone else got the mail and tried logging in to codelitmus?

I just got the call , but the thing is on the same day I have CGI call and may be I will have Huawei 2nd round also , I dont want to decline this Motorola call but what should I do ? Any suggestions? Btw codeltmus is not opening.

I have also got the call from Motorola regarding the coding round at home .The link will be open at 4pm on 20th aug

I too got the call for coding roiund on 20August.
As far as I know, @kallol_3172747 elitmus people will ask you to choose only one. But try and ask if they can accommodate in the next have another drive with Motorola if present.

And guys, Do anyone have an idea on what sort of question we will be facing in the take home coding? Please share info.

I have been shortlisted for today(20th august) coding round.
Do I have to go to the Elitmus center in Bangalore to take the home coding challenge ? Or can I take it from my home. In the email they have asked us to report today at 4pm…at the venue given on the website…but on the websitw…in place of venue…they have mentioned from home challenge. Could anyone please clear this doubt…I tried calling on the number given…but it’s switched off.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Its a take home coding round so you can take it from your home. You just need a computer, a webcam and a decent internet connection and you are done.

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Oh. Okay. We don’t have to report anywhere then. Thank you

I am new to Bangalore, so I might not get any place with proper internet connection. Mobile net is not very reliable. Will the center be open…so that I can go there…to take the test? Has anyone taken it at the elitmus center?

Can anybody share the link to participate in the first round of interview of Motorola.
Actually, I got shortlisted but I don’t recieved any mail regarding the link for “take-from home coding challenge”.

what was ur percentile ?


What should be the percentile in each section to get qualified for the home-based coding round of motorola?

Can u tell ur ph Scire

How was the coding round ???

@Himanshu were you able to login into the test ?