Mistake in motorola drive

Guys i applied for motorola drive before publishing my ph result thats why i was not short listed but now my result is publushed and i want to apply for it again but m noy able to ediy my form what i do is it applied automatically for not bcoz it is showing not shorlisted what i do

aditya don’t worry they may call you this time. when they will be shortlisting new candidates for 12th drive they will find your updated profile and hopefully you will find an admit card.

Yeah… Why elitmus does it mean isn’t it update status Not shortlisted changing? It will take around for the showings status is “Applied “ to be updated the same by editing your application yesterday i want to apply for it again. After Motorola drive is again on 12 August getting Did anyone get selected last time 1-2 hours typically within a week success upcoming release interview admit cards confirmed 3 days Hope you will get joining letter Soon