Minimum score

what is the minimum score to get shortlisted?


It depends from company to company

still…there should be minimum criteria no?

For Accenture it is 100 overall marks

will Accenture conduct drive for experienced 2-12 months ??

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Hi guys
I attended elitmus exam on 22 jan 2017
Quants: 75.83 percentile
Reasoning: 53.30 percentile
Verbal: 71.30 percentile
I have scored, is there any chances that company will call me?
And Guys how can I calculate the overall marks?
Pls do reply

Thanks in advance…

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bro I have 110 marks … but they sent me a game test… not directly interview letter

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Don’t worry. Just give it.

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When did you give elimus? As mine is showing only applied… Neither shortlisted or rejected…What does that mean??

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data matica minimum score required?

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@akhilesh_2941650 when did you take your ph test

minimum score required to get call from Data Matica

No idea bro. I didn’t apply.

with score 90 and percentiles are 92QU…40PS…40VER…is there any chance??? i m from core dept 2016 pass out

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if ur total score is more than 100, accenture will call u

@prateek_3243216 I gave on 15th jan

22nd jan 2017

i took on 8 th ,my score is 161 ,i am a mechanical student ,is that the reason i havent got any call???

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I too gave exam on 22nd but my status is still "score being processed:.