Minimum score for accenture call letter?

What is the minimum ph score to get a call from companies like Accenture?

110 is enough as per told by people. -sources from internet

i apply for Accenture… but i’m in 4th year now in my 7th semester and the condition for Accenture is that we have to join till last week of September…so is this possible that i apply for Accenture and if i got selected then they permit me to join after my B-tech finish up in may.

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Can Accenture allowed the students who are not in the list of their 165 Colleges?

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Hi @nandita_3212263
No, your YOP is 2017 and the recruitment is for 2016 batch.

Hi @rajat_3182739,
Nope, they won’t consider.

then what we have to do so that we can take part in the recruitment process?

@amit_3205456 If ur from 2017 batch, all u can do is…WAIT for the recruitment for next year.

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I am from 2016 batch but I am not from the lists of collegs from which accenture hires?

Try other companies. You can switch after having experience.

@Chandra - Where is this list of colleges that accenture has provided?

Below is the link:

Hii i am also having same problem like you…shall we get call or not.and my score is 95 in quants and 94 in p.s and 35 in verbals shall we a call or not…plz give answer

hi chandra
if my college is not present in the list thn thy will call or not???

No, Buddy.

if they called for ase-ito role thn are there any chances that thy will call for ASE role?

Can any one please tell me from which month 2017 batch recruitment can commence ?

Let me be clear,

If Accenture have condition like this: "Students from the below college list are only eligible"
then they will contact to those students who belong to the college mentioned in the list.
This condition mainly applies for ASE position.

If they have not mentioned any condition, You will get a call, according to ur ph score.
For ITO, they have not mentioned any condition.

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IT Operations = support to project teams on their systems (if you are good at you skill and Networking)

ASE = Projects for clients mainly on specific technologies (depends on your skill OS set in any tol or programming language)

I am 16 Pass out and I have not taken the ph test . If I want to appear for accenture drive in chennai location , will it be possible to take the test in the month of oct