Mindtree (junior engineer profile)

anyone got call letter from mindtree

Did anyone get the call letter of mindtree for Jr. Software Engineer that is going on 18th jan

I got the call for 20 jan drive

Same for me

how to prepare any idea ?

can you tell me what will be the first round

i also got a call from mindree but im attending accenture interview on 20th so is there any way i can reschedule it??

written apti, then gd, then technical interview

I don’t think so


Are you attending the Accenture drive through firstnaukri?

No im attending it through e litmus

anyone …plz tell me who have not accepted mindtree call …what is there status…
they mentioned that i can confirm by friday morning but now suddenly it goes …

Hey Shriti,
Check under Interviews tab. Click on Interview details for Mindtree, scroll down, you will see options to Accept.

I know these procedures…
i had time to accept it till friday morning 8:30 am …i got this interview call letter today eve …
but suddenly now i got a mail that i had to accept it till 17 jan10:00 am …and now it is not giving me option for anything…status is “called for interview”…

I think something is going on.
Some of my friends have got email saying they got called due to “technical error”, and were told to “Ignore the invite”.

If anyone else experienced the same please reply.

Facing the same problem :expressionless:
Now the status is showing ‘not shortlisted’

Hi Friend,

We regret to inform you that you received the Mindtree Interview due to a technical error.

You have not been shortlisted for the Mindtree Junior Engineer role.

Hence request you to ignore the invite for the interview.
they sent like this mail.


Do you why u are not selected