MINDTREE interview location

My interview location is not convenient . It’s about 32 km from where I stay. So if i decline the interview call stating interview location not convenient, then will this cause any effect to the future interview calls from any companies via elitmus?
Bottom-line, how many interview calls can i decline
please reply…

This is a valid reason to decline the interview. If you are busy and couldn’t make it on that day you can decline the interview.

It’s always better to decline the interview than accepting it and not showing up. If you dont show up, they will send you shiw notice. Its works just like 3 strikes.

Yes you can decline interview but dont be so frquent.

Has anyone got the call letter for Delhi location?

Hello, can anyone tell me how many days do mindtree interview span?

bro,let’s go together…i will have a company. mine is on 22 november at 1pm …it’s 32 km from here too

hi akash , they gave a link to fill form in admit card Should it be filled before coding test date or on the coding test date?