Mindtree Interview Call for 2017 Batch Delhi

Has anyone got call for interview after the first round Coding test held in Delhi on 06-01-2018 ?



Is the result not out yet, or no one is selected?

result awaited i guess

Did you do both the questions?


no,only 1

They are taking a lot of time to evaluate just 2 questions. Starting to think will they even declare the results?

If anybody get call from mindtree for interview then kindly reply to make sure result is out.


No reply yet,

Is there anyone who has done both the questions correctly but has not received the interview call ?

I have done the both program correctly. But not got call.

Same here. Don’t think they are gonna conduct further interviews. L

Any update?


Does Anyone receive have any update on interview call.Please reply

No response yet, did anyone call Mindtree about the results?

Are they even gonna reply…?