Mindtree 14 dec interview result

has anyone got offer letter from mindtree who gave interview on 14th december.

not yet what they told you . You got confirmation mail?

Not yet.

What they told you after interview and what about other two people any idea?

they told me to wait for the result, and which other two people you are talking about?

That day only four have been interviewed you me and two more guys

That means they didn’t sent confirmation mail also

how many were there in technical and how many were in hr?

In hr I don’t know technical there was four I was the first who had been interviewed .You had given coding in acharya institute Bangalore correct.
After interview they told with in two three days you will get confirmation mail but I didn’t get that.

you gave hr round??


After interview what exactly they told you ?
Did they told you you will get confirmation mail with in two days?

Yes. First round was technical interview. after that they called for hr interview approx around 2 pm and after that they told me that i will get result within 2-3 days

Same thing they told me but I didn’t received Any mail

Is there any way we can ask for result

we can try contacting hr through linkedin

Okay if you get any update please let me know.

do you know name of the interviewer?

Other two guys was there they might know the name of interviewer but I don’t have there contact