Mind tree exam

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Sir I have applied for the mindtree on few days before. sir but I didn’t taken my ph test before to this. Is pH test necessary for the test with mindtree which is conducting on 8th dec

Nope. pH is not mandatory. But if you have a good score first round(online test) might get avoided.

I got selected for the Mindtree free pH test which is on 8th Dec 2018.

Initially, to apply for this test I had mistakenly chosen the test on 8th at Hyderabad with Registration Number EL568050002891 which is not the special test.

Now I’m not able to reschedule the expires test with the special test of mindtree on 8th December.

Please help me. Thank You.

You will not be able to reschedule a test when it is less than 3 days left.

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Thank You for the information. My issue got resolved.

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ir actually i got the mail today morning and now at 9pm(home test) i had the mindtree exam and they told me that they will send the instruction set for the exam with the link before today 6pm now my doubt is is they will send the link or not . please help me sir

You haven’t got instructions for your home coding test?
Wait till 7:30. If you still dont get, then by 8:30 login to codelitmus and check if test is assigned to you or not.