Is there any news regarding the MHPS final interview (MECHANICAL)?



Any updates yet regarding MHPS final interview?

For Enquiry . Please find it useful.

Was there any reply from their end

Any updated guys?

It will be announced soon, they are calling some candidates and asking them some detials.

regarding what they are asking

Are you working anywhere and what is your notice period,
they are asking

Will be announcing in one to two weeks.

Maybe those who have got call are the only people who are already selected . Because already they told that they are having less recruitment . For only 5-6 selected people why would they called some candidate separately and other half candidate seperately afterwards. So those who have got call are the only final selected candidates maybe and those who have not got the call means they are not selected .

I got the call on 13th JAN, morning 10 am

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You are from which branch ??


Is results going to announce or not ???..
Or the guys who got the call are shortlisted ???
Can anyone give clear answer about this…

Did everyone received the travel cost refund from mhps?

I have not received travel allowance yet.

Some of my friends has got the money

Money has not been recieved by me also.