Anyone got selected after interview in metricstream?

MetricStream call
Metricstream test

Metricstream written technical test is objective or subjective ?


Objective based.
C, java and HTML only


Did anybody got a call too?


U got the call ??




When did u get the call ??


And wat’s ur score ??


I got the call 2 days back.
And my score is 157


Hi @shubham_3174834 . I have pecentiles as V63.51 P85.3 Q96.15 with a total score of 159 . I have also applied for metricstream yet not getting called. in fact i am getting calls from no companies i have applied in. what do you think can be the reason and what should i do about it?


Hello! shivansh_3184556 . According to me, companies match their job profile with candidate’s skills(mentioned in your resume and provided during applying for company).
In my case, I have profile of Java Developer. And almost all companies I’ve applied for had the same job profile.
And I got calls from all of them.
I hope that helps.


Java developer as in a certified /experienced developer? how long was the course if you have certification in any? is it core or advanced java?


No certifications nor experienced. But i do have developed some web apps using following technologies:
core java,Jsp/Servlets,Jdbc,Mysql,Html/css/javascript… In a MVC pattern.


thank you… i will have to rely on my luck then :slight_smile:




Anyone going for MetricStream written test @banglru 26th Aug ???




Any idea till what time can we go and give the test for Metricstream?
As i have CGI drive also on the same day


11:45 am , as time mentioned. and 1 hour test


do anyone know what are the topics to be asked in the written test .?