MetricStream joining

did anyone get offerletter from MetricStream After attending last round?

No bro, they haven’t declared results yet

when they declare?

I asked the head HR after the interview

she told it would be declared by monday
and now its friday

Since one more drive will be on 14th april
perhaps they will declare results of the both together

14th bhut dur hai bhai… hope on monday they declare

Hope so

ek yes ya no bolne m kitna time lagta h

waise v ye sab to interview lete time hi decide kr lete h recruiters

How many interview rounds were there?
Did they call you more than once ?

total 3 rounds . 1st technical hr and 2nd also technical hr and 3rd hr

All on the same day ?
or more than one day

may be or may not be

Is this after the take from home test or including?


yes to what??

after test