MetricStream | 2018

Did anyone get any confirmation for 8th September drive?

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Anybody got the mail from metric stream which was held on 18th sep?

I had attended interview at Metric Stream on 18th, did anyone receive any call from Metric Stream?

Hey could you please share your pH test score?
Just to know whether I can get a call from them
Mine is
Problem solving:96.26

Any update from Metric Stream held on 18th sep?

Hey what is the rounds in metric stream and the difficulty level?

Any body attended the online test held on 10 October, 2018 ??

Yeah , but I didn’t receive my result. Whether I got pass or not.

How many questions you attempted correctly?

Yes,got the output of all five… what’s the update??

By when will we get the results?

4 out of 5

Did you get cal for the interview?

i didn’t get … what about you???

I received cal for the interview

how many did you complete correctly with all test cases passed

was the coding interview easy?

I got a call from Metric Stream and they are taking home based online test.
What all is asked , can someone help?