Metric stream offer letter

Had anyone received offer letters for any role like qa , developer etc from metric stream…and also anyone received calls from metric stream for qa role

No actually they told they will be mailing the further details by Friday i.e., tomorrow… If incase,we didn’t receive any mail then it means that we are not selected it seems…

@pragna_dittakavi For Which Profile you gave interview & which date ?

I has given for QA role at 17th july as a fresher.

@ajaymauryabbn I have given my interview for QA role on 15th July as a Fresher too…! @ajaymauryabbn What they informed regarding the results to you…?

@pragna_dittakavi my hr round is still pending .They said to me on Monday there will be telephonic interview .
So You had given hr round ?

Still are there any interviews going on for qa role?

Can I know how many days does it take to get the result of QA role interview for Metric Stream company is Given??

They told me the same. I have also given the interview for QA role on 15th July. They were supposed to mail by today if we get selected but they didn’t.

Yeah @aslamhm… I was also interviewed on the same day for the same role and I was told the same but I was not turned up with any mail yet today… Did you contacted the other one who has also attended interview till HR round on that day…?

What is the status of your application in elitmus account…whether us it attended or not selected?? Do check that once