Metric stream coding result

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i have given metric stream coding test yesterday,when will the result is going to be declare?

Waiting for the same. They said interviews are going to be held on 26th and 27th, today is 25th and still no result.

have u got the result…?

I also didn’t get the result

Is there anyone who is going for the interview or has been shortlisted for the final interview??

I didn’t got the mail yet,may be they didn’t declare the result bcoz even if they had declared yesterday or in today’s morning,how can we manage to go to banglore by today itself for interview,may be there is possibility that they rescheduled the interview date or there is slight possibility that we are not shortlisted that’s why we didn’t got the mail.

Is there anybody who got mail for interview from metric stream?

Nope. No results yet.

Results are not declared yet but still the status is showing as confirmed what does it mean?

Nobody knows!!!