Metric stream 2nd round results

Anyone got results of metric stream 2nd round held on 6th Dec??


u also gave 2nd round??? @sandeep_3088982


u didn’t ask to anything at that day that when will result declare?

hey anyone got any update from metric stream

no, did you get…??

no i didn’t got any update from them do you know name of the interviewer

and which day you give an interview , did they tell you when they are gonna call you

6 dec

ankit do you got a call from them

Bro… i m also waiting…because my interview was so good…and i did both code correct they had given at that day…

no bro i didn’t got a call how much time they told you to wait for call

Bro… they didn’t tell the time

they told me wait for 1 week they call me

i talk to even elitmus team but the only thing they are saying is that we will update when the hr contact to them

Okk … bro
When ll u get any update regarding this … plz tell me

ok buddy

Bro what will the 2nd round of metric stream i have cleared written test

First paper based coding round then a (tr+hr) round