Metric Stream 1st round results

Any1 got the call from Metric Stream for the 2nd round …??

No, I’m also waiting

I asked the sir( person who is taking the exam) that when will the result of 1st round will be declared, he told that the result will be declared by monday

if anyone has information about written test result conducted on 26 aug,please share

anyone get the call from MetricStream for 2nd round??

Akshat , did you get results on Monday or Still waiting ?

I got for interview.Results are declared.

i got the result today morning and interview was scheduled today only.

I have attended the 1st round written test but they have marked me as an absentee but i was present on that day

Is anyone got the offer letter from metricstream??

hi guys i have my first round of metric stream on 20 sept can u tell me what kind of questions were asked in firsyt round @raj_2890016 @kiran_3189931 @aaftab_3187207 @sabiha_3156070 @madhav_3205636

15 C MCQ, 15 java MCQ and 5 HTML/CSS MCQ. mainly question in C based on loop and in java mainly based on Fuction call. In HTML , questions like difference between HTML and XHTML, use of iframe. They have only one question format so same question for your drive also. Good luck.

may i come to know your ph score??


can u suggest me where to study these topic from? @raj_2890016

geeksforgeeks @shubham_2972466

I didn’t got mail,means am I rejected??

When did u attempted,aug 8 or aug 9 .did ur code executed???I have attempted on aug 10,I did not get any mail.