Mavenir systems round 1 McQ results?

Did anyone attend the first round of mavenir systems and get the result?
Any idea about the further rounds?

No response yet

i am also waiting for result have no idea about it. i have mailed to elitmus lets see if they will reply you also mail them once

i got the response and gave my interview yesterday itself

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That’s nice ,how was the interview?

Great! Could you share the experience? and what was your MCQ score.

What was first round question. Is there only coding Or mcq Or both?

The test which i have given contains only mcqs based on JAVA.

What was level of mcq. Which topics in java they mostly asked.

Questions based on core java and mostly on advance java like threading , annotations , inner classes etc etc.

My interview contained some coding questions and java and c++ related questions in it in both the interview i was asked 2 coding questions

there were total 2 interview taken till now and today only I got selected from 2nd interview and had to submit documents for hr discussion

Congratulations to you , and thanks for sharing your experience :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you get interview call?

Not yet

Anyone got call for interview??..i had also given Mavenir exam last month but no update from mavenir or from elitmus.

same here… I also gave the exam but did not receive any further communication yet… Please share if you get any response. I also mailed elitmus about the result’s status no response from their side also