Mavenir Systems offer letter

Anybody got selected by Mavenir Systems ?

I cleared 2 round. But HR told me she will be get in touch with me by next week. I don’t know whether i should consider it as rejection or selection.

What was the whole process in Mavenir system ??What were the rounds and what type of questions asked to you??

What type questions did they ask you in all the rounds you attended? My branch is ece!

What type of questions were asked in the written test ?

The Question was Totally on C and DS concept and In Technical Interview They ask you basic Question but Conceptual like what is returned by printf() Bitwise operator .

Any updates?Did the hr contact u?How many rounds u cleared after written test?

Hi Balram,
Did HR come back to you ??


Thanks Balram for quick response !! Did you complete your managerial round as well??

Hi , What was asked in written?

Is it only for expirienced?