March 4 accenture

Anyone got interview call for accenture drive march 4 ,Pune ?

Not yet


I am new to elitmus can u tell me how to get good score in the test…


I have got 133 pH score . can i get interview call for accenture drive?
Plz reply me.

i think so event date changes to 11 march…

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I think maybe u sure about the next Accenture drive on event date 4 or 11th 18th march till now rights does it in pune changr will be get shortlisted

so,noone got interview call ? somebody plz reply if they got interview call,

11th march for bangalore location…

So, wat about pune drive ?

No idea wait for call letter / admit card

No not yet Bangalore

It showing in my jobs… 9th mar last date & 11th mar event date , pref location Bangalore… So wait for the interview call… May be it change

Are you sure it is in bangalore on 11th?

They didn’t mention it in the website yet.

So,wat was ua status now ? @sourabh_3257770

ya they didn’t mention yet… but it shows in my jobs… may be they update wid in 2-3 day.

guys can’t v confirm from elitmus ppl
, whether the upcomping drive is in pune or bangalore?

So think upcoming even date 11 march Pune accept change update post…

Anyone had talk wid elitmus pplabout d drive?