Mailer 8: Bad news on layoffs increasing | How to safeguard your career?

Hi Friends,

The news in the last few days around slow down in IT is not good. Initially, it was just start-ups, but now even big names are doing layoffs or hiring slowdowns.

  • TCS, Accenture and HCL : dramatic fall in Q1 net joiners
  • Microsoft was the first big name to announce layoffs
    • The company is considered recession-proof because whatever the situation, its office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and Windows will keep selling
    • The article also makes negative mentions on Meta (Facebook) and Google
    • Many analysts expect Amazon to follow suit

At eLitmus, we expect most of the companies to honour their campus offer. However

  • Many may delay joining OR
  • Give joining but put you on the bench or give some low-end work resulting in less learning

Do not want to be unlucky by getting caught in a wrong situation?

  • Take the eLitmus pH Test this Sunday and make the most of your 4 years and a few lakhs invested in engineering.

Process is simple

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Schedule & Pay for eLitmus pH Test → Take eLitmus pH test → Apply to great jobs

Even in a slow down, there are companies which will do well and hire. Most will come to eLitmus for hiring.

Adding safety to careers
Team eLitmus
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