Mailer 7: How to get a better job than the one you got from campus?

Hey to the new engineer,

Congratulations on finally having your 4 years of engineering behind you. Welcome to the real world.

Do you buy the first phone you see online or research and then compare prices? Similarly, why settle for the first job offer you get?

eLitmus is the platform which gives you choices to multiple options so that you get the possible first job. Also, eLitmus has sent you emails which give you insights about how to go about in your career (read Mailer 1 and Mailer 6 by clicking this link).

At the cost of being repetitive, we will introduce eLitmus to you

  • India’s largest company for off-campus hiring of engineers
    • In existence for 17 years since 2005
  • Both tech & core jobs
    • 19,100 positions were available in off-campus
    • From time to time eLitmus keeps sharing the list
    • Google and you will get many individuals telling you how they reached success
  • High-quality jobs
    • IT - ₹40 lakh CTC.
      • Arpit Nabaria, Shashwat Subash Khilar, Sfurti Sarah from Kalinga Institute, 2022 batch
    • Core - ₹6 lakh CTC
      • Tata Electronics alone hired 120 GETs last year from core branches
      • Highest core package was ₹20+ lakh with KLA

Why deny yourself a rosy future?

  • That too, just to save your 3 hours on a Sunday after having spent 4 years and a few lakhs on engineering

To turn lucky

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Schedule & Pay for eLitmus pH Test Test → Take eLitmus pH test → Apply to great jobs

You can claim a free test too!

  • eLitmus is giving away free tests as part of June-July giveaways. You just need to read a few emails and answer questions on or before 31-Jul-22. There are Amazon gift cards to be won too. Click here to get details

Why deny yourself a great future?

Architecting Careers,
Team eLitmus