Mailer 6: Five mistakes which can ruin your career

Congratulations !!! You are an engineer now and your best four years are behind you.
We wish you luck for your innings ahead called “Career”.

Doing the right career planning is important, especially in the IT industry as 80% of your batch by age of 40 will be without a job.

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Sample 5 mistakes are enclosed below

1. Joining Mass recruiters is career suicide

This is also true for their high pay roles like Digital, Power Programmer etc.

  • What are the chances that an IIT professor will be worse than a professor at other colleges? Less than 10%. Similarly, in mass recruiters, you will learn from bosses who are average. That will limit your learnings !!
  • They offer fancy offices, food courts and training etc. to cover up for not offering a great career
  • 80+% of work is low end
  • Many of their employees leave after a year / service agreement to restart as fresher somewhere else. Every thought why?
  • Do not take our word for it - reach out to any senior of yours

2. Most MNCs are no better

  • They offer salaries better than mass recruiters
  • India is their back end and does work that no one in headquarters wanted to do
  • Routine work. It is moved to low-cost locations - today India, tomorrow somewhere else

3. Do not repeat mistakes of childhood

  • Many of us took studies lightly in our formative years
  • Remember Tendulkar worked hard from age of 5
  • So pick up jobs which make you work hard and in the process will give you success
  • Thumb rule is - small companies with pedigreed founders are any day better than large names

4. Delayed joining date – opportunity to act not relax

So you have a campus offer and your joining date is in August end or maybe as late as November. You think it will be good to just chill at home and get pampered by parents. Bad idea!! Here is why:

  • You are not getting paid for sitting at home. A four-month difference could mean Rs 1.5 lakh lost in salary !!
  • Want to do MBA or MS? Experience counts. The earlier you start, the more experience you have
  • If slow down sets in, the company might withdraw the campus offer – ask your seniors

5. Changing jobs frequently is a big mistake

Seniors with up to 8 years of experience will tell you how they have grown quickly by changing jobs. So you will be tempted to change too

  • Look at Fortune 100 companies
    • You will find that 80%+ of their CEOs had changed zero or one job
  • Trend is no different in India and not only in IT but across sectors

Bonus - Do not go by CTCs and look at hikes or break up

CTC does not tell the complete picture. Here is why:

  • Many big names give ₹8 to ₹10 lakh CTC but give very little hike

  • Equally, there are smaller companies where you start at ₹6 to ₹7 lakh but within 3 years reach ₹20 lakh.

    • So you get both money and learning
  • Understand the break up of CTC

    • Many companies add components that you will not get in cash to CTC to make it attractive. So with a ₹40 lakh CTC annually you may end up getting only ₹90k in hand monthly. Do not believe us? Google for breakups of companies like Microsoft, Adobe etc and you will get links which give details
    • Example – Relocation allowance, joining bonus, four years’ worth of stocks etc.
  • Training stipend lowers CTC

    • You could be given a much lower salary by being absorbed as a trainee during the first 3 to 6 months of training

Hope the insights above were useful. We will sign off by saying - get a pH Test Score irrespective of the fact that you have a job or not

  • You have nothing to lose except 3 hours on a Sunday. Your money is anyways returned as eLitmus cash which you can use to buy gift vouchers
  • But you have lots to gain - what if you are put on a wrong project or your company undergoes bad times in upcoming slow down or what if your boss is someone under whom you know you cannot learn anything

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