Mailer 4: Not few, but thousands get great jobs on eLitmus

Hope you got the earlier two mails from eLitmus which talked about

  • How Souradeep of 2022 batch, tier 3 college student is all set for a career in Canada
  • Why eLitmus is the best way to turn lucky as it services demand from companies which never makes it to campus (enclosed)

Search spam if you did not get them in your inbox.

Previous mail also had examples of

  • A Civil Engineer bagging an 8 lakh job
    • Better than great programmers in his college; with Principal a Fortune 500 company
  • An E&C girl with average academics bagging a 10+ lakh job
    • Tejas, a dream company revolutionizing telecom and now a TATA group company

We know all platforms will have a few success stories.

  • But with eLitmus, the number is not few but runs into thousands annually !!

Remember - a few hundred companies work with eLitmus every year !! There are jobs for all

  • Capability - For below average to toppers
  • Salary - From ₹ 3 lakh to ₹ 47 lakh
  • Industries - Manufacturing, Pharma, IT, Finance, Startups
  • Size - Startups to Fortune 500

Why deny yourself a rosy future?

  • That too just to save your 3 hours on a Sunday after having spent 4 years and a few lakhs on engineering
  • Just do it, as a famous ad says.

To turn lucky

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Apply & Pay for Test → Take test → Apply to great jobs

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