Mailer 3: Not only overseas, but great Indian jobs too

Hope you got the earlier two mail from eLitmus which talked about (1) Luck is an important factor to succeed in life and (2) how Souradeep of 2022 batch, tier 3 college student is all set for a career in Canada (search spam if you did not get in inbox).

The lucky breaks are not only overseas but local too.

Once upon a time, Flipkart was a two-room company !! eLitmus discovered it and placed following students from 2010 batch, much before joining starts-ups was the in thing

  • Prasann D Shah of DAIICT (eLitmus Candidate Id - 1088553)
  • Prarabdh Awasthi of VIT Vellore (eLitmus Candidate Id - 1092977)
  • Both DAIICT and VIT Vellore were not famous colleges that time. They became famous post some of their students bagging great jobs including through eLitmus

Why eLitmus is the best to turn lucky?

For last-minute opportunities, companies come to eLitmus. These include:

  • Overseas companies
    • They have no presence in India to do campus hiring (Example - Sinope, Canada)
  • Startups
    • They cannot plan 6 months to 12 months in advance (Example - Flipkart kinds)
  • MNCs unscheduled expansion
    • Recent past examples include Boeing, Principal, Tejas etc
      • The highest salary is from Nutanix paying 40 lakh CTC hiring for increased demands for joining beginning January
  • Companies entering India
    • Example Yugabye which entered India last year hired freshers from
      • Regular colleges at ₹ 40 lakh CTC
      • Top college students at ₹ 47 lakh CTC

Here are two examples of people who got unexpected success from eLitmus

Name Bhosale Sanat Sampat
Branch Civil Engineering (only 7.27 CGPA)
College WCE, Sangli
Job bagged Principal, 8 lakh per annum, a Fortune 500 company
His Unexpected success He is already starting off at a company that his topper friends from the CS branch will aspire to join after a couple of years of experience !! Despite cracking a difficult TCS digital process they will start off at a salary lower than his !!
Name Meghana M S
Branch E&C (only 8.18 CGPA which is very average in this college)
College RNSIT, Bangalore
Job bagged Tejas, 10 lakh p.a, leader in Telecom, TATA group company
Her Unexpected success Being from a non-CS branch, the best job she bagged was Accenture. Could almost double her start salary. More importantly, she will get work which will help her scale up in life and grow faster rather than get lost among thousands

Why deny yourself a rosy future ?

  • That too just to save your 3 hours on a Sunday after having spent 4 years and few lakhs on engineering

To turn lucky

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Apply & Pay for Test → Take test → Apply to great jobs

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