Mailer 3: Must do before campus placements

Hope you got the earlier mail from eLitmus which talked about

  • Luck is an important factor to succeed in life (search spam if you did not get it in your inbox)
  • Case study of Souradeep Gharami from your senior batch (2022) who got a job with Sinope Canada

In Campus placement, only a few high-end jobs will be there

  • You do not perform that day and the chance is gone
  • A little right preparation and you could have cracked the job

Why not prepare to turn lucky with the high-end job in your campus placement

  • Give yourself the real-life experience of a “real” test whose scores have been used by 600+ companies in past - the “eLitmus pH Test”.
  • Identify questions in tests for which you are not prepared. Revise those concepts and bingo - land your dream job

Why deny yourself a rosy future?

  • That too just to save your 3 hours on a Sunday after having spent 4 years and a few lakhs on engineering
  • Take the next pH Test from the comfort of your home on 29th May, Sunday

To turn lucky

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Apply & Pay for Test → Take test → Apply to great jobs


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