Mailer 2: Canada calling (fresher job update)

Hope you got the earlier mail from eLitmus which talked about how luck is an important factor in succeeding in life (search spam if you did not get it in inbox).

By not taking the eLitmus pH Test you are denying yourself lucky breaks.

Meet Souradeep Gharami from your senior batch (2022) who got a job with Sinope Canada.

Quick facts about him

  • 2022 batch Student

  • From UEM, Kolkata a very new institute which is not even 10 years old !!

  • Class X - 78%

  • Class XII - 77%

** In short, no great academics. But he set himself for luck by taking the eLitmus pH Test

  • Today he has a job which thousands of students who made it to IIITs, NITs etc. won’t

Why deny yourself a rosy future?

  • That too just to save your 3 hours on a Sunday after having spent 4 years and a few lakhs on engineering

To turn lucky

  • Register on eLitmus (you have completed it) → Apply & Pay for Test → Take test → Apply to great jobs


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