Mailer 10: What is eLitmus Cash & how to earn it?

eLitmus understands that as a youngster/ college student, we are always short of money. So here steps in eLitmus cash.

How to earn eLitmus cash

  • Take the eLitmus pH Test
    • You get 1.2x the pH Test cost fees
    • So if you pay ₹ 1003 as test fees you get ₹ 1204 as eLitmus cash
  • Referring friends
    • Each user can put a referral of another friend (even existing users)
      • For new users, at the time of registration
      • For existing users, you will have to log into your account and claim it
    • Both the friends get ₹ 245
  • Applying to certain jobs
    • Few companies will reward you for participating in their selection process irrespective of the fact whether you got selected or not
  • Contests held from time to time
    • Subscribe to our google group to be updated about the same

How to use eLitmus cash?

  • Redeem it for a host of gift vouchers on the eLitmus gift card store
  • There is an eLitmus pH Test gift card too in gift card store
  • There are a host of other gift vouchers. Some present and past ones include
    • McDonald, Noise, Udemy, Mfine, Swiggy etc.

Meet Avik Chowdhury, 2022 batch from Techno India College of Technology. He not only got access to hundreds of jobs by taking the eLitmus pH Test but also could get a host of gift cards which made his pH Test free.

So what are you waiting for? Take the eLitmus pH test from the comfort of your home, by visiting the link:

Play to win:

The link to the third quiz can be found at -

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How to redeem MyGlamm Gift Card it’s not as per the format of MyGlamm 16 digits code along with 6 digits pin code.