Mailer 1: Save yourself from wasting your engineering degree

Congratulations, you have entered the final phase of this journey called “engineering”.

The most important outcome of your engineering will be a great job

  • Can you really take a risk on such an important thing and rely on only on-campus placement?

You could be one of the unlucky few who do not bag a job you deserve, what do you do then?

All 15+ year experienced person will tell you “luck plays an important role” in a career

  • Luck is being at the right company or role at the right time
  • It’s not like studies where the better student gets more marks most of the time

Here are people who set themselves up for getting lucky

  • Chetan Bhagat was told he can never be an author given his English. But he kept doors open by being in touch with publishers in parallel with his Investment Banking job.
  • Amitabh Bachan was told he could never be an actor and was in coal mines. Yet he kept the option of Bollywood there.

What Engineering degree costs you?

  • 4 years & lakhs of rupees

What will be life without engineering?

  • Doors to so many (job) opportunities would have been shut

Why deny yourself a great future?

  • Just to save 2.5 hours & ₹ 1003

That’s what eLitmus pH Test costs

  • It is an all India test attempted by 120,000+ students annually
  • 600+ companies have hired basis eLitmus pH Test scores
    • Thousands of students get the job through eLitmus annually including ones with campus offer
  • Why close the door to luck - you never know which one job could take you to the path of greatness.

You just need to do the following

  • Register on eLitmus → Apply & Pay for Test → Take test → Apply to great jobs

Do not believe us? Google and you will get tens of thousands of results which will show eLitmus has 16+ years of history with the biggest companies including Fortune 500 companies that have hired using eLitmus.


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