Lightplane | 2017/18

I am going to attend drive of lightplane technologies on 16th Sept, I want to know about their procedure . If anyone is awared of it please share…

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when did you receive the call letter for the drive?


it’s a new startup so I don’t think so anybody has any information regarding the interview procedure.

please what was your percentile ?? please tell i am still waiting for my call.

Brother, I have 90,97,99…

You are going to attend this drive?

I haven’t received any call yet! My percentile is 88, 85, 77. Don’t think so if I’ll get the call!!

my scores are logica -96 and quant-83 and english-27 …i also don"t get call

You are 2017/2018 batch?

i am 2018 batch

You in bangalore??

yup I am in bangalore only…you?

Yeah… Me too in bangalore…

I guess by tomorrow you will get it!!

Bro… I wrote my ph test on 9th september… i didnt get my result…
Am I eligible to attend lightplane on 16th…
I’m asking because it shows to apply…

Yeah, apply, if they allow to…

Hey…I also got interview call from that company. But I am not sure about that company. I didn’t find anything on internet about that company.If anybody knows then please share.Should I appear for that ?

Nothing found on Internet… But, I am going to attend…

Hey guys, I joined LightPlane on 20th of last month and I’ll try to answer all of your queries.

There isn’t much info on the company because we want it that way. The information given in the job description is all I can reveal legally. But I’m sure you won’t be disappointed if you decide to join us.

Regarding the process, there will be a written round followed by multiple interviews (usually on the same day). Select candidates will be called for an assignment round. The whole process is usually completed within a week.

Please let me know if you have any other questions