Level of difficulty

Can anyone tell me the level of difficulty of elitmus aptitude??

comparable to CAT. sometimes even tougher. Attempt with caution. No blind guesses.

will the book of arun sharma help me to ■■■■■ it??? if i do LOD 1 questions?

Yes. do solve lod 2 also.

People a lot of people say that eLitmus is tougher that CAT exam. It really depends on your preparation and understanding of the concepts.

Be careful of the negative marking and attempt only those which you are 100% sure of solving.

Verbal Ability

I would suggest completing the verbal section in the first 30 minutes. Do the 2 shorter passages and leave the longer one. Be sure to do the blanks and parajumbles. 10-12 correct will fetch you a good percentile.

Quantative Aptitude
  • Do master Number Systems. You will get 2-3 questions.
  • There will be at least 2 sums from Geometry which will be very tricky but can be solved in a minute. Prepare this only if you like geometry or find it easy.
  • There will be 1-2 questions from Permutation and Combination
  • Questions from Probability is also guaranteed, but when I gave this test there was not a single question from this topic in this section.
  • You can also do Logarithms as there are 1-2 questions asked.

Doing 5 questions correct out of 20 will fetch you a good percentile.

Problem Solving

This is the tricky part and most companies consider marks in this section to shortlist you. Time management is very important here!
Reserve at least 40 minutes for this section.

When you prepare, chose between Cryptarithmetic and Puzzles.
It depends on your preference as a lot of us find crypto tough but if you practice enough it can be solved in 6-8 minutes. If you get this right, you will have 3 questions right which is enough to get you 70+ percentile.

Data Interpretation is also a good and scoring part but same problem, when I gave no question on DI was there.

There will be 2 Puzzle/Game. Take time, read it carefully and then answer it.

The most important is keeping calm during the exam. You CAN do it!
Do NOT hurry.
Do NOT forget to wear a watch. You need to keep track of time.

Some helpful websites:

m4maths is a great website to prepare. Students like us who have given the test share the questions. You will definitely get an idea of the type of questions asked. This is best for preparing Quants section
[Note: Users share questions from memory so it may be wrong. Also you will find contradicting solutions. Research on the question and try to find the answer yourself. It will help you alot!]

TestPot is a good site for mock test. When you have prepared, take some tests. The questions here are not truly elitmus level, but you will practice time management here.

Go for Arun Sharma. It is good for preparing Logical section and Data Interpretation.

I wrote everything from my previous experience. I took the test on August 20th.
I wish you all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for reading.

[Note: I do not own any of the websites listed.]

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thnx alot!!! it was helpful :slight_smile: