Leading IT consulting company (?Accenture) 16th dec Delhi

What type of questions are asked in Accenture for Associate IT operations position? And is it a good position to start career?

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Accenture is a great company, and many people wait months for this profile.
It is a good profile to start with.

I don’t think very tough questions will be asked. Basics should be strong and you will be good.

approx at what ph score they call candidates? anybody knows?

Total 120+ should be good.
No sectional score should be zero or negative.

and they also did not disclose salary details? generally what ctc they offer?

what are the rounds for associate it operation profile at accenture?

The old process is GD followed by Technical Interview.
But the hiring process is changing overall and it may be different this time.

@suryansh_3224864 I’m guessing CTC would be around 3 LPA.

thnx :slightly_smiling_face:

Basics of which subject?
I couldn’t find interview questions for this profile.

Direct(Tech+HR) interview

Where I can find details of Accenture round as in e litmus companies jobs it is not showing Accenture?

They will ask you questions on the skills you mention in your resume.
C, Java, OOPS, Networking, OS, DBMS. Basically all the core CS subjects. Only the basic concepts, not detailed or coding related to the subjects. Also be prepared with the Final year project and Industrial Training.

They are anonymous. Here the link -
[Link withdrawn]

Edit: Sorry, they have removed the job post.


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Where I can find details of Accenture round as in e litmus companies jobs it is not showing Accenture?

I guess they have removed the job. I cannot see it.
If you see a job as “Leading IT Consultant Company” then that will be Accenture.

I see that by the name leading IT consulting company and I also applied to it 2 days ago
will I get a call from them… I scored 128 in total

You will get a call
My friend with similar score applied and got a call.

Criteria is-

  1. 2017 batch
  2. B.E / B.Tech only.
  3. Academics 60%+
  4. Graduation GPA 6+

This company has other criteria too.

Yaa I read all the rules of eligibility criteria

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anybody got the admit card for the drive?