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Hello everyone I mean who has attended the written test on 9th april at Josh Technology Delhi.
They told me that result would be declared by next week, but its been 26 days to be exact still No Response.
Do these guys always do things like this,If anyone has received mail from them then please share :confused:
Seriously… WTH… :imp:

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@akash_2933689 I attended the test on 2nd april and they responded within 10 days.
I think you should contact them and ask if there was a any error with your email address.

Well I dropped a follow up mail to the HR this noon, lets hope they respond to it.

Have u rcivd any mail


can you please share the email id of HR.


Thank You :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me about the types of questions asked in josh technology

you got call?? wha’ts your percentile ?

No I didn’t , but I am just asking

Has anyone got response regarding 30th April written test at gurgaon office

can any body tell me the type of question asked in written round , i got a call for 5th june.
pls anybody can give idea .
thanks in advance

I attended the written test drive on 9th april, In wriiten test they will ask you to write three programs on paper and 10 to 15 objective type questions also on paper.
Coding questions were based on Arrays, Srings, and Matrix.
Que. You have an array with N numbers, you will have to construct a new number by selecting s entries from the array with maximum sum in O(s)time.
Que. You have an nXn matrix two coordinates X(i,j) and Y(i,j) are given, you have to find smallest path from X to Y, also print the path.
Que Third question was output based (Code was on Binary Tree)

I have attended 20th april Josh written drive at company headquarters,Seeing the infrastructure condition of company I don’t think its worth applying. I wonder how they are eligible to pay Rs 6.5 lack of package to the employees.Also, the kind of questions they asked to solve in 90 minutes of test were tough with respect to time…

Are the result of exam of Josh on June 5 is out??

i dont think so … they said 10 days

i have given written test for josh two times but never heard if they replied back to my friends or anybody i asked.

Welcome to the club.

Do anyone of you got selected in Josh Technology Group and if Yes, Then how is your experience in this company ?