Joining of MetricStream

Anyone who attended MetricStream 2nd technical hr round and 3rd hr round get any information for joining??? please inform if anyone have info regarding that…

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did you face any issue regarding acceptance of interview call?
i got mail at 5pm for the interview call but its showing last date to confirm is over.
even the event date and confirmation date is same.

please read carefully … i am talking about joining bro… not interview

bro i know. i am just asking when you got the call last time around whether you faced such issue?

i already attended interview 5 day ago

Just wait for a one or 2 weeks you will get the result.

Because result of 30th march interviews were declared last week

bro i already joined monday…

Great. :grinning:


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What did they ask in interview

1st round only sql plsql

2nd round from cv

how many rounds ??
what profile?

can you please explain your interview experiance

Anyone received results for interview held on 27/04/18? Do inform if any news regarding that is found.

Not yet,any idea when will get results

did u receive result ?

Yes I received offer letter today

Anyone else got?

When is your joinin date

15th May