Joining location for Accenture

Hello everyone, how many of you got offer letters with joining date & location??

I got joining as 26th Feb in Bangalore but the specific office address has still not been provided
Only people who got selected in January got joining, that too some of them


Yes. Specific address will be provided 3-7 days prior.

i got the same date too,waiting for office location to be shared though,any idea when it will be given?

Got the mail for orientation at a hotel, still no sign of office address :blush:

Yes,same to me…May be after on-boarding verification they provide the office location…!!!

For Bangalore you got?

After on-boarding they’ll send us to roam all locations of Accenture in the particular city. Don’t worry there has been a lot of process. First enjoy your first week of induction programme & personality development session​:blush::blush::blush:


But I didn’t got the joining mail yet

same here.!